International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Research

ISSN: 2456-7248

Vol. 4, Issue 1 (2019)

Length catch and growth analysis of hairtail fish (Trichiurus spp.) in southern off West Java Sea (Case study: Pangandaran fishing base)

Author(s): Lantun Paradhita Dewanti, Sri Fitriyah Rahmahningrum, Achmad Rizal, Alexander Khan, Rita Rostika
Abstract: Hairtail Fish (Trichiurus spp.) one of the important demersal fish species, Trichiurus lepturus has also known as a marketable fish in the local market. Trichiurus spp. is a major commodity of high economic value in Indonesia. The influence of changes in the environment on survival and growth of fish can be explained by analysis of age groups (cohort). This study aims to determine growth and mortality indicator of Trichiurus spp. in southern of West Java Sea waters. The frequency sample of the total length of hairtail fish (Trichiurus spp.) was collected in Pangandaran, West Java in 2018. Data analysis consisted of sustainable potential, age group and growth of Trichiurus spp. Analysis used Microsoft Excel and FISAT II software. The results of the study showed asymptotic body length (L∞) of hairtail fish (Trichiurus spp.) of 1291.5 mm and the first length of fish caught (Lc) of 230 mm. The growth coefficient (K) of hairtail fish (Trichiurus spp.) is 0.38 per year.
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