International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Research

ISSN: 2456-7248

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Antibiotic resistance in aquaculture
Pages: 01-04  
Effect of different stocking densities on growth and survival of Nandus nandus fry in earthen pond
Pages: 05-07  
Length at first capture (LC50) of Sardinella aurita and Sardinella maderensis landed from purse seines at the Tema fishing Harbour, Ghana
Pages: 08-13  
Preliminary observations on breeding and fry rearing of pangas (Pangasius hypophthalmus) in eastern terai region of Nepal
Pages: 14-16  
Effect of feed energy on testes biochemical characteristics of Clarias jaensis (Boulenger, 1909) endogenous catfish in Cameroon
Pages: 17-21  
Effect of fertilization with Tithonia diversifolia (HEMSL.) on zooplanctonic productivity and Zootechnical performance of fingerlings of Oreochromis niloticus (Linneaus, 1758)
Pages: 22-27  
Influence of pig dung dose on zooplankton productivity in microcosm
Pages: 28-34  
Rice-fish farming model in water logged condition in eastern Terai region of Nepal
Pages: 35-37  
Secondary productivity of the Philippine National Aquasilviculture Program (PNAP): Mangrove rehabilitation area in Brgy. Bagumbayan, Malalag, Davao Del Sur, Philippines
Pages: 38-41  
Subacute toxicity study of calcium zincate nanoparticle exposed to common carp Cyprinus carpio
Pages: 42-49  
Endoparasitic Helminths of Bagrus bayad from lower river Benue Makurdi, Nigeria
Pages: 50-53  
Study on monthly variation in haematological and biochemical parameters of three Indian major carps under semi-intensive polyculture practice
Pages: 54-60  
Observation of fish production and availability of aquatic inhabitants under pen culture in Chatol beel floodplain
Pages: 61-68  
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